Searching for simple and free online invoicing software

Not always the software I’m using is perfect and fully complies with my needs. I can get used to different inconveniences, but earlier or later I get stressed about that. So I tried to find something more suitable for my business. Actually I was searching for free online invoicing software.

I can define what I need from invoicing program. It should be quite simple, because I don’t like when there are a lot of unnecessary features. Unnecessary features makes the program complicated for users. To my mind, billing software should be easy and provide basic features. There should be an option to integrate more different feature for advanced users.

What I don’t like about some software is installation on the computer. I prefer online programs, which I can access from everywhere. I don’t need to buy more licences for more users. I just give login and password to my employees and they can access the program also.

My first billing software was full of different features. I could set a hundred options. I could even change colours of the interface, so that software would be more personalised. I thought that more features make my software better. Now I realise, how wrong I was. My view about billing software changed cardinally. I share with my experience in order to warn you against the same mistakes I did. I would be very grateful if somebody would have given me such useful information, when I was searching for software.

Remember, choose the software which provides essential features and is simple in use. You don’t need to spend extra time on sorting out how billing program works. If you find free online invoicing software that complies with your requirement it will be perfect!

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