Invoicing software: improve quality instead of reducing quantity

My car service center is family business. I wasn’t thinking after school what profession to choose. My future was predetermined. First I helped my father to manage service. I made some small repairs. When my father became old and it was hard for him to run the service, I became fully responsible for our business. I enjoyed everything connected with the work in service until the crisis appeared. Economic situation became unfavorable for us.

I had two options: to dismiss people from the service and to manage it only by myself, or to cut costs on salaries and other things. I didn’t like any of that option. I was searching for some other way of adjusting to economical circumstances. Those who search, find! And I have found a solution called invoicing software.

You can be wondered how invoicing software could solve problems like mine. I will tell you in details. I forgot to tell that I also bought accounting module for the invoicing software. I did it on purpose, because our company was serviced by bookkeeping company, which we paid about EUR 250 monthly. Accounting module of the invoicing software gave an opportunity to manage bookkeeping by ourselves. I sent our manager to bookkeeping courses and then she was able to manage bookkeeping also. First two months I didn’t saved money, because I needed to invest it into courses and purchase of the software, but afterward I felt the saving.

Besides bookkeeping invoicing software gave us an opportunity to make data base of all our clients and provided services. We started to issue professionally looking invoices, which we could send directly to the customer’s email. It also made a small saving of paper and printer ink. Even small saving of money was important for us that time. If I had not found such a solution for the business, we wouldn’t have been working until now.

I already advised to try invoicing program to all of my friends. Most of them are satisfied. One of my friends is that inspired by the invoicing software that wants to try more and more different modern solutions for his business. I force him to try something new in order to receive useful feedback afterwards.

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